January 7, 2011

'Boo Boo Bunny' revised.

A couple days ago I found this really cute "Owl Pin Cushion" from The DIY Dish. I thought to myself, if I left this cute little pin cushion unattended it would take a full 3.2 seconds for my pins to disappear and mysteriously become the tip of a poisonous blow dart. Much to every one's surprise, I've turned it into an ice pack.

- The PDF file found here for the pattern of the owl. {we wanted our owl to be bigger, so we enlarged it to 150%.}
- Fabric {enough for the body, approximately 1/4 yard.}
- Fabric scraps {enough for the eyes, beak, wings, and legs.}
- Rice

Step one:
Cut out owl on dotted lines. Trace onto the wrong side of the fabric.

And cut. {I folded the fabric, because you will need a front and back of the owl.}
Step two:
For the eyes, cut out two sets of circles, one smaller than the other. And a triangle for the beak. Sew around the eyes, but I used permanent adhesive for the iris.

Step three:
Using the template, cut out wings. Sew on the sides.

Step four:
Put the right sides of the fabric together, and sew. Leave about a two inch opening at the bottom of the owl.

Step five:
Flip the owl right side out. Look at how cute it is.

Step six:
For the legs, don't do what I did here which is sew the right sides together, because they are too small to flip right side out.
So sew the wrong sides together just outside of the leg template.

Step seven:
Fill body and legs with rice.

Step eight: 
Attach legs to the opening at the bottom of the owl. I just used a whip stitch to sew it up.

And then you have an adorable little 'Boo Boo Bunny Owl.' Keep it in the freezer for when an ice pack is needed. You can also throw it in the microwave for a few seconds to warm it up when you need a little heating pad. 
*If you have any essential oils on hand, adding a few drops of Eucalyptus on a warm owl does wonders to help open up a stuffy nose when laid on a little one's chest.

[Big Mama]


  1. hahaha I love this! I was going to buy my friend an owl pillow for Christmas but still haven't gotten around to it. Then my husband bought me a sewing machine for Christmas... I should probably make this. Thanks for sharing! Super cute idea!!

  2. HOW Cute! I think your boo boo owl is much cuter than a boo boo bunny. You are so creative! LOVE it!

  3. Oh my gosh that's too cute! I want to make one for my babylove!


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