January 9, 2011

Boys go hunting, girls go junkin'.

While the big boys {all three ;)}were hunting, we found our way over to our favorite junkin' spot. It's always 'hit or miss,' but we found some fun things today.
Yeah, I start them off young around here. The girls at the junkin' spot know him by name.
Found some great old books and an awesome table.

EZ$ scored a vintage daisy bb gun {Non-working, for all who are concerned}. He wants to be out with the 'big boys' so bad... Soon enough, my dear. Soon enough.

{Please excuse the dirty doodle who wants to play fetch.}

And the Girl's score of the day was this crazy good antique typewriter. Love love love.

Happy junkin'!
[Big Mama]


  1. yea.. where is this junkin spot?

  2. uh oh... i'm hooked. thanks for saying hi @ letters to ames!

  3. ooo you hit the jackpot! I've been looking for a console record player and I have yet to find one, I hunt must go one :) Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your kiddos are super cute!


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