August 6, 2014

praise & prayer.

As I am one short day away from traveling to meet Jess for the first time, there are so many emotions happening in our household. We are so so so thankful that Jesus worked this trip out. We are beyond excited to meet Jess (me personally, & them via Skype)! We are all a little anxious, as ten days is the longest I've been away from my clan. But overall, we are resting secure in the Father's good plan. 

All that being said, we humbly ask that you petition the King on our behalf. While there are hundreds of little details that need prayer, we have summed it all up into three basic prayer points. 

 -- Travel Days. I leave St. Louis Thursday the 8th at 1:30pm, & arrive in Congo Friday the 9th 1:20pm CT (7:20pm Congo time)... a total of 36 hours of traveling. I will try to get a good nights sleep on Friday, then on Saturday I will meet Jess! Then coming home, I'll leave Congo Saturday the 16th at 2:35pm CT (8:35pm Congo time) & will be back in St. Louis Sunday the 17th at 3:53pm. These travel days will be physically, mentally, & emotionally exhausting. Please pray for strength, a clear mind, & smooth flights/airport experiences. 

 -- Embassy Appointment. My embassy appointment is Wednesday, August 13, at 2am CT (8am Congo time). While the Congolese Government has already completed all necessary investigations to give us parental rights, the US Government still has to launch their own investigations, & come to that same conclusion. That being said, this is a crucial time in our adoption process. Please pray for favor with God & man during all of the appointments, meetings, & investigations. 

 -- Departing. Long term, it will be easier for Jess to spend a week with me, getting to know me as "mom" before we go to take her home perminately. That way, when I come the second time, I'm not a stranger, as there will already be a relationship & a trust built. However, none of this changes the fact that leaving her is going to be the most difficult thing I have ever done as a parent. Please pray that Jess be comforted by Jesus in a time that may be confusing, for even though she will be prepared mentally for my leaving, the heart & the mind are two very different things... especially for a six year old. 

 We are so thankful for the Alpha & Omega, as He has hemmed this adoption story in, behind & before. As we walk into this new, beautiful unknown, we trust that He goes before us still.

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