January 8, 2014

Three things I learned in 2013.

Last sunset of 2013.
1. I suck at loving people. Being intentional, taking time to know people deeply & intimately, etc. I just suck at it. I'd say if there is a thing I learned the most or learned the best (if that even makes any sense), it would be this. That being said, I can probably say this is an area I have really grown in these past few months, but more than that I can say this is an area I will continue to grow in for the rest of my life. & I'm perfectly okay with that.

2. I don't always have to be ready. During November & December I was really starting to panic a little bit about the coming year. I was in no way ready for what was ahead &, because of it, I was downright scared. But lately I have been so sweetly reminded that I don't have to be ready for this next season of my life, because He is ready. He walks before me & leads the way. I simply have to trust Him & follow in obedience.

3. The Lord's plans are always WAY bigger than mine. His plans are always so much bigger & better, always. Following Him is hard, but He is so worthy to be trusted.

(written by Rylie)

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