May 19, 2013

Fundraiser Giveaway!

From Artistic Adoption: Crown of Splendor - Grey ($32.00).

From Haddon & Co: Boy's Bow Tie ($20.00).

From Handmade Colectibles: Handmade Felt Roses ($45.00).

From Echoes of Mercy: a Print of your choice ($10.00).

From Olive Handmade: a $40.00 gift certificate.

From His Love Apparel: United by Love Grocery Christian Red Tote ($12.50).

From Handmade By Me: Origami Bird Tea/Dish Towel ($18.00).

From Mercy Ink: 5 Prints of your choice ($25.00).

From 147 Million Orphans: A T-Shirt for you & your child ($37.00).

Y'all should be pros by now. :) A donation of $5 equals one entry. For every $5 you donate, please comment below once. For example, if you donate $25, you can comment five separate times. After you have donated, you can tweet, facebook, or blog about the giveaway for another chance to win! Winner will be chosen randomly on May 27th... Winner takes all

Thank you for helping bring our girl home!

PS- please take some time to look around the wonderful shops of all of our sponsors! 


  1. Hi!!
    I couldn't resist! I am so happy for you guys!! Donated $5 under Steven Felker! Thanks!!

  2. Done!:) Plus a facebook share! Gladly! :) Love, The Troups

  3. + for sharing on facebook

  4. #1 - Hillary Prewitt

    Yay!! This is great!! Praying for y'alls family!! :)

  5. #5 - Hillary Prewitt

    + retweet on twitter!


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