April 22, 2013

It's a girl!!!

On April 11 at 5:36 pm, we received a phone call... from our agency. This was a "pre-referral," if you will, of a little girl about the age of four. Since she had some potentially severe medical issues, they wanted us to pray about it before they even sent the actual referral. So, we prayed... & prayed... & prayed some more. After talking it through with each other, the Lord, & different doctors (thank you, Sangosenis!), we decided to proceed with the adoption of this child. Now, our child. 

Based on the little information we currently have, she is a happy, talkative, & smart little girl. After seeing pictures & a short video of her, we cannot wait to bring our beautiful child home! She is currently living in the foster home that is connected to our agency. We are thankful & comforted that she is in a safe, healthy, & loving environment. Nevertheless, we are praying for the process to to smoothly so that we can bring her home as fast as possible. 

Specific prayer requests:
-  Pray that she gains weight, as she is currently moderately malnourished. 
- Pray for her muscles, specifically in her eyes, that they would be strengthened. 
- Pray that her blood count stays where it is or improves. & that the blood report that we received was, in fact, accurate.  & that her body would continue to produce more healthy red blood cells. 
- Thankfully, she is currently in a loving, Christian foster home. Pray she grows in wisdom & stature, & in favor with God & man. (Luke 2:52). 


  1. Yay, I am praying for you and your sweet little girl...praying you are united physically quickly and that the Lord keeps her and you all in perfect peace as you wait and pray and grow in love for each other! I am so excited. Love you guys! - Kelli Wessels

  2. Wow!! How awesome!! Sending lots of positivity your way :)) Thanks for visiting :))


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