March 18, 2013

We can't just walk away.

Wisdom is needed in addressing the issue of human trafficking. We as Christ followers will never overcome this evil by disengaging from it. In our sanitized church culture, it is far too easy to condemn anyone we see living in a "sinful lifestyle." But millions of children around the world today are being forced into selling their bodies & then handing the money over to their pimps. These sex slaves can't just decide one day that they're "done." Their owners -- or their early death -- will decide that for them.

We dare not continue to ignore child trafficking because we feel it is too complex or too corrupt. If we truly care about orphans as Jesus does, we can't just walk away.

-Jonny Carr

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  1. this issue always dumbfounds me. i almost find myself having a connection that seems so insensitive when compared to the gravity of the and severity of it? as if I've taken numbing cream or something and cannot will myself to truly take heart and seek after being apart of helping in some way.

    And I see that in other areas of my life as well, not just with this. But just a selfishness that I am growing out of but still have so much of.

    all of that to say please pray for me. This post is very convicting and I ask that you would pray for God to change my heart to truly desire the TRUE RELIGION James speaks of... The heart of Christ is needed in me so much more.



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