March 3, 2011

Feathering our nest.

We have a dozen chicks.
We are all in love.
With out any further delay, here is their formal introduction:

Father Abraham came home from work today announcing that his chick is going to be named "Loverdale." I promise, folks, I don't make this stuff up.   

L O V E  this guy. (His partner, Tonto, is only a day old and is too small for a photo shoot -- but his picture will be posted as soon as it is safe to play with him)

Leave it to EZ$ to pick out the "Black Sex Link" chicken. Really that is the name of the breed, look it up. Ironically, she doesn't walk, she struts. And if you ask me, this chick has got it going on.

Lavonne is the name of my grandma... And we thought Louise complimented Lavonne well.

When my grandpa was a boy one of his chickens suffered from frostbite on its foot. So the name "Frozen Foot" came to be. Him being unable to speak clearly he pronounced it "Posey Put."

Father Abraham decided on their names in honor of his father-in-law's imaginary golf partners Arlo T. Smoot and the Doogan twins (Mandrake, and Sherlock). The sad part is his "friends" usually beat him. ;)

We have three more that are not pictured. They are only a day old and it is not safe to handle them... But they will be up within the week.

-[Big Mama]


  1. Hi :) I just found your blog and I already like it! You're "about" section is hilarious., and the "Father Abraham" thing was awesome :)

  2. oh, and those names are awesome! Love Louise and Lavonne. I can imagine them being like the two gossipy ladies of the bunch, since in the pic Louise looks like she's whispering something into Lavonne's ear. Maybe Louise is even secretly in love with Big Sexy... jaja, sorry, i've got a big imagination.


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