February 13, 2011

Tip: Vinegar.

If you haven't figured out by now, we live out in the country.
That means we not only can with our jars... We drink from them.
Don't judge.

One downer about being out here is that we have really hard water. After a while our glasses start to look like this.
But I stumbled upon a solution for our problem in an old canning book I found at a garage sale: vinegar. Long known for its cleaning properties, a warm water vinegar bath makes them look as good as new (we've also used this on some glassware we've found while junkin').
 The book says to do a certain ratio, but I just dump a generous half a cup of vinegar into a sink filled with warn water and a little soap. Let them soak for a couple minutes, then scrub and rinse.

Also, there is this scrubbing sponge called "Sterling's." 
It's magic. Pure magic.
It can get everything off of anything.
It's a staple in this house.
Happy cleaning.
[Big Mama]


  1. We don't live in the country and we still drink from Mason jars. They are awesome. Thanks for the vinegar tip. We have a magic scrubbing sponge called "Mr Cleans Magic Eraser" but they are not ideal for washing dishes. I definitely need to find the Sterling's sponge for my not so fabulous burnt dinners. :)

  2. We live in Puerto Rico, by a beach that is really far away from the busy city. Maybe that's related to why we like to drink out of jars too. My husband especially loves it.


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